Based in Ireland, my main areas of occupation and interest have included theatre, woodwork, photography (especially pinhole), music & sound performances and composition.

I have always explored different situations, work places and processes, enjoying solo and collaborative projects. I believe vibrant artistic activity in a community brings huge benefits and I have been a voluntary director of a number of public initiatives to support that.

Currently I am working and exhibiting /performing in sound composition and performance and photography.


Harry Moore Recent projects

Current ongoing project


pinhole photographs of artists working in their studios.


Sound practice

Contemporary composition by organisation and arrangement of noise and sound using field recordings, found sounds and self made instruments.

Areas of practice

Field recordings and found sounds assembled, treated and arranged in the studio environment.

Self made instruments assembled from a variety of "everyday" objects and parts, fitted with microphones, physically plucked, bowed or stroked, treated and amplified in live performances or sessions. These are a combination of improvised and semi-arranged pieces, often in groups with other "sound artists" including:

  • Katie O'Looney
  • Francis Heery
  • Anthony Kelly
  • David Stalling
  • Mick O'Shea
  • Pauline Ovileros
  • Karen Power
  • Tony Langlois
  • Vicky Langan
  • John Godfrey
  • Ed Devane
  • Mick Fitzgerald
  • Viv Corringham
  • Danny McCarthy
  • David Toop
  • Mikael Fernstrom
  • Sean Taylor

Sonic Vigil XI Festival of Improvisation at Cork Opera House & The Guesthouse 14 - 16th September 2023




“Real truth lies, if anywhere, not in facts, but in nuance”.¬† John Le Carr√©.

I work with three photography formats , pinhole, time lapse and the moving image. By making my own pinhole cameras, I can explore different framing and focal distances to create the image I am seeking.

All of my practice seems to incorporate time as an essential element, whether it be time lapse or long exposure or the moving image.

Using self-made 120mm film pinhole cameras I choose to focus on long exposure photography in order to record the nuance or atmosphere of the chosen location. Remaining with the camera during the long exposures allows a thorough examination of the location and its' features, prompting new directions or interpretations. Potentially each photograph I take can become a mini residency.