Now in its 10th year, we present SONIC VIGIL, a marathon of new and improvised music, sound art, live electronics, installations and more.

Performers: Tomomi Adachi, John Godfrey, Elizabeth Hilliard, Anthony Kelly, Solamh Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Harry Moore, Irene Murphy, Katie O’Looney, Mick O' Shea, Robin Parmar, Inma Pavon, Karen Power, Eimear Reidy, Cathal Roche, Nick Roth, Dan Walsh, Ian Wilson, Olesya Zdorovetska.

Sonic Vigil emerged from an increasingly vibrant Cork-based improvisation scene. It was founded in 2005 to create an annual celebration of radical musics unrepresented elsewhere in the country. It is a unique event that has taken place in some of Cork’s iconic cultural venues and has established Cork as Ireland’s leading centre for Sound Art, free improvisation and other forms of experimental music. Its influence and audience has spread beyond the Republic; recordings of previous Vigils are commercially available, and in 2016 members of the core Vigil team performed a ‘Vigilette’ in Berlin’s renowned improvisation venue, Ausland.
The marathon includes local and international artists, many of whom are working together for the first time. The audience is free to come and go during the 6-hour event, and to walk amongst the performers. Sonic Vigil is a multifaceted and collaborative series; CD, LP and DVD releases, concerts, presentations, installations, workshops, residencies and many other events are presented as preludes to the marathon itself.
Sonic Vigil is curated by a multidisciplinary team comprising composers Karen Power and John Godfrey and visual/Sound artists Danny Mc Carthy, Irene Murphy and Mick O’ Shea.